When you start to see that your internal world is responsible for your external world, everything shifts for you inside your business; how you think about it, or feel about it affects it; whilst your mind creates the reality of it”

So what is energetic business?

It’s tapping into your energy and the energy around you to create, be and have the business that you want. Not the one you think you want, or the one you feel you should want, or the one that you should accept, but the one that you truly want. When you start to understand that the business success you crave already exists inside your own mind, and therefore in the quantum realm; having the business that you really want doesn’t seem so hard to reach. It’s already there, you just aren’t aware of it yet, because your current experiences, circumstances or limitations don’t allow you to see it yet. You need to switch your frequency and vibration to embody the business that you want, and stop accepting what you have.


What would you say if I told you that your entire life, business, reality and everything in fact, was just a fabrication made up by your own mind and the beliefs that ‘it’ learned? Would you believe me? Well, its true. Your belief system (i.e. what you believe about yourself and the world about you) governs all of your behaviors, feelings, decisions and then actions. Your belief system has created this life and business that you currently have. Luckily you can change this belief system and with it, yourself.

Your beliefs, values, early programming etc. are all stored in your unconscious mind, which is essentially made up of patterns or templates. Our brains are pattern hunters and both see the world in patterns and also search for similar patterns. In your childhood, your mind is building up a lot of new patterns and pathways; building up a picture of what ‘YOU’ look like, because it needs to understand – Who you are, what do you like, what do you value, what do you believe in.

When we are operating from the unconscious mind, which we do most of the time, we are operating from this box labeled YOU. But this box is not necessarily you, it’s simply who your mind decided you were, based on the experiences you had in your life. In fact you don’t even have to be this person, you can rewire yourself and become someone different. If you want. You are actually unlimited in terms of what you want to become, achieve or have but I realise this may be hard to digest. When I first discovered this it blew my mind too!


At the bottom of our brainstem is the Reticular Activating System and it’s job is to search for what you are focused or intentional about. It essentially filters information and only lets the information in that you are focused on. This is why you can spend your life trying to make a success of your business, with no luck, but then one day you wake up and think today’s the day. I’m not taking no for an answer anymore and I’m going for my goals, nothing is going to stop me. And you start to achieve the success that has evaded you for so long. Your mind is absolutely focused and crystal clear on what it wants, and is now busy searching for it. It works in the same way with everything; you decide that you want to go on holiday to Santorini, and then you start seeing tons of things about Santorini – you get emails coming through, you see adverts, you see special offers, you hear people talking about it and more. Your mind is switched onto it, so it is filtering out anything that’s not related to what you want, and letting in everything that is relevant to Santorini. The second you start to focus on what you want, or get intentional, is the second things will start to change for you. Your mind is brilliant, let it do it’s job.


Who do you want to work with? People who pay in full straight away, people who think what you do is great and tell everyone else, people who treat you with respect, people who communicate with you, people who you can trust, people who have integrity, people who respect themselves, people who are professional. people who don’t ask for discounts. Then make sure that you are being this yourself. If you are not paying people on time, if you lack integrity, if you don’t treat your suppliers with respect, then this is exactly the business you are doing to have and attract. Business is going to feel like an uphill struggle for you. You attract what you are; so if you want your business to change you need to take a good look at yourself first. Mirror neurons in our minds imitate people and circumstances around us and then that becomes our life, our business and our reality.

Your business is an exact mirror image of your behaviors, values or attitude. The clients you are attracting shows the state of your mind. If you are thinking nobody will play those prices then they wont. If you are thinking that your products or services are not good enough then no one will buy them. Your products need to be brilliant, of course, but you need to know, and feel, this too. If you feel they are not, then go back to the drawing board, check if you have imposter syndrome or ask for feedback from ideal clients.

Working with small business owners over the past 8 years one of the most interesting thing I began to notice was that many of them didn’t like their customers.  If this is what you are thinking about, maybe you need to sit down with your customer list and go through it, carrying out a cost analysis on each one. Consider the time / money balance always. How much time are they taking up? How much profit are you making? Try and understand why you don’t like them, as it’s crucial to your success moving forward.


The mirror neurons in our minds that copy or imitate what they see around us also attracts people, scenario’s, situations who are thinking and feeling the same as you. They have the same energy as you, but they are also thinking and feeling the same things as you. There’s the saying which says you are a product of the five people you spend the most time. And if you don’t have the business you want yet, it is worth looking at who you are spending your time with. Are they positive? Are they determined to do what it takes? Are they talking negatively? Do they drain your energy? Are they supporting your business and you? Think about who is in your business network and gravitate towards people who are go-getters, positive and take action.

And, of course, there is also frequency. We are 99.999% energy. In fact, the matter that makes up the human race, is such an incredibly small amount, you can fit it all into the size of a sugar cube. And matter can become energy and energy can become matter. We know this from the double slit experiment that was first carried out by Einstein and Planck, decades ago, and has been repeated on many occasions. Matter is only matter when it’s being observed. All energy carries information and has a frequency – everything in the universe vibrates at a frequency of its own including your house, your body and even your thoughts. Whatever you are thinking about, now exists in the quantum field, because your mind has just created it – in energy form. And energy will start to seek out or gravitate towards the same frequency that you embody. Your frequency; the frequency of your thoughts are omitted into the cosmos around you, and when it finds a frequency at the same pitch, it gravitates towards it, and vica versa. So, you can become the business you want. You can become the business owner you want. You can work with the people you want. You can create the success and the revenue you want. If you’re not then you are either holding yourself (or your energy) back or you are self-sabotaging yourself in some way – probably without even knowing it.


When you begin to view yourself as energy and then start to work with yourself as an energetic being, all this will begin to make more sense. Inside of you, you have an entire energetic network, which most of us aren’t even aware of. The thing is that you can feel this energy inside you – you know when you feel depressed or elated. It is said that depression is simply stuck or stagnating energy, which is why exercise, mediating and tapping (EFT) works so well. It releases it and gets your energy flowing again. You can feel the high energy, you can feel the low energy. Your business is dependent on the type of energy that you embody. When we are high energy, we are also more magnetic (see my free mini course HERE), but we inherently know that life works better when we are high energy. It’s just hard to maintain.

We know from studies that lucky people approach the world with a positive, can do and open attitude. Their vibration is high. They see everything around them as opportunity; which it is when you shift your perspective. Everything has a silver lining. Everything has a negative and a positive. Are you operating at the right frequency to achieve the success you want in your business?


The last piece of the jigsaw puzzle is ‘energetically’ transporting yourself to what you want. We differ from animals in that we can create our reality outside of our mind. We can visualize it. We can visualize what we want things to look like, and our brain cannot tell the difference between reality or fiction, so this visualization can start to train the brain into thinking that it has actually happened. And if it’s happened, your brain is already embodying it. It thinks you are living it, so it starts to create hormones, feelings and experiences that embody it. On a physical level, you are now living it. This is why people do vision boards or repeat affirmations in the past tense.

The object is to retrain your unconscious mind, because this is where we operate from, and is where our limitations lie. But there’s an even faster way of doing this and that’s visualization whilst you’re meditating. Meditation allows you to to recharge, refuel, to build up your positive ‘bank’ again, and it also gets your energy field back to magnetic, so then you can start to attract the the frequency that you’re giving out back to you.

The fastest way of doing this is to visualize it so that you’re actually living in it, like a moving image, then your brain and body will become it. For example, one of my life goals is to run business retreats for women in business and when I think about it, I don’t think of it as a static image. I think about the image of happy people, sitting around the table eating, discussing and drinking good wine. And when you are visualizing something in this way, you have a feeling attached to it. So of course when I’m visualizing myself in a kitchen with people sitting around the table laughing, drinking, eating, I’m going to be feeling happy inside. This is the high vibration feeling that you need to be feeling. Because it’s the feeling which changes things, not just the thought.

And this is the essence of energetic business – you can energetically transform your business into whatever you want it to be using the power of your mind and body. Because you are your mind…you are your body…your life runs in the same way that your mind and body are running. And your mind runs in the way that you let it run. Your mind, and the box labelled ‘YOU’ runs the show. We’ll talk about this a lot more, because it truly is your mind in charge of your life but for now, if you want to discuss how I can help you achieve your business dreams faster and in a more enjoyable way then click here to Book A Call or you can listen to my free mini course HERE on how the 7-steps of energetic growth will change your business fast.