Like many of us, I used to hate goal setting. I would set goals in January and by February I was fed up with them. Until that is, I discovered a better way of doing them. 

Energetic Goal Setting is all about creating them energetically in your mind and thoughts first, making sure they energize you, so you can achieve them, and linking them to your values, so that they hold more meaning. 

Follow these 4 golden rules:-  

  1. They need to be goals that you REALLY want.
  2. They need to resonate with your core values, or link with your vision/mission so you have some purpose behind them. 
  3. Keep them in your mind at all times, so that you can ‘energetically’ create them (or do what I do, and Brian Tracey does, which is to re-write them every day). 
  4. Believe that you can achieve them, otherwise the doubt will make it harder. 

It may sound obvious that your goals should excite you but when you are busy building your empire, it’s easy to get side tracked by goals that you think you should want, rather than goals you actually want. This is why it’s useful to re-write them everyday; you soon figure out which ones you don’t want anymore. 

Goal setting is not quite the same as your ‘to do’ list, although they do feed into each other. Your ‘to do’ list will be all the things that you need to do to get to your goals. For example, if you have a goal to make more money, then what can you do to make this happen? Maybe look at what’s working for you now, and step up your efforts, or do more direct sales, which will always make a difference.  

And lastly, we need to energetically create them, which we do through our thoughts, repetitions, feelings and visualizations. Remember that ‘belief’ is fundamental and so is keeping your energy high. Prioritize your energy daily by taking care of yourself, meditating and having lots of breaks. Working harder is not the answer, prioritizing your energy is. 

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