When I was working in change management several years ago, I was used to working with (often, reluctant) people and companies through big changes, but nothing prepared me for 1. the rate of change in today’s marketplace and 2. the fast changing horizons in the online world. But now that I am living and working in both, I really understand the true meaning of ‘change’.

If you can’t change fast enough, you won’t survive.

If you can master ‘change’ you can master anything. In fact I suspect that it’s the fast moving pace of the online world that puts most people off from working in it, but it’s a land of opportunity and gold, albeit littered with the ghosts of those that tried, failed and gave up.

So, what’s my advice on how to exist in this fast changing environment? Do not confuse change with failure. I see it all the time, and I can see that this fear stops people from starting or doing anything online, with the result that they are still in the same place years later. I did the same too, when I had children and we moved oversea’s and felt ‘pushed’ into the online world, quite reluctantly at first. But now I love it. The vibrancy, freedom and speed of it, works brilliantly with my change management expertise, because I have always loved, and believed that, change, and variety, is what makes life fun.

So, what’s the solution?

1.Do not hide. Visibility issues are so common in the online world, and I totally get it, I was the same, but then I learnt 3 useful things:-

  • we are used to getting immediate feedback from people with their eyes, but in the online world we can’t see people’s eyes, so we need to be confident with what we do. We need to know, and believe, that we have created the best product or service, for this person, and it will transform their life. Tip: know yourself, and know your customer.
  • the reason that people aren’t commenting or liking our posts, isn’t because they don’t like us, think we are crap, or hate what we do, it’s most likely because they haven’t seen us. If you don’t market yourself you don’t have a business, so you have to get more visible. If you struggle with this, do what I do and focus on helping the customer. Make it about them, and it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. We all love to help people, and when you put the emphasis on other people, it completely shifts your mindset, so that it’s not about you and your fear anymore.
  • don’t try and people please and just accept that what you do will not resonate with everyone, and this is okay. I am a recovering people pleaser too, so I understand, but you just need to focus on the people you can help with your product or service – whether it’s transforming their life or adding more joy with your products. Just don’t let the naysayers get it.

3. Do not give up. The only thing that will make your business a failure is giving up, because then the game is well and truly over. DO NOT GIVE UP. EVER. There is no such thing as failure, it’s just learning, so keep going, keep trying out new things, and listen to my Creative IDEAS podcast HERE to find out how to create more fresh, relevant and perfect ideas for your business.

4. Let go of perfection. There is no such thing, and even grammar and spelling mistakes seems to be a common occurrence for the people making millions out there. I used to get very triggered by this, as I used to read everything 15 times before posting (and then checked again the next day, after I had slept on it) but then I realised that they are making millions and I am not. Time is money too. So I proof read, check again the next day, with fresh ideas (as my brain works best first thing in the morning) and it’s gone. Done. I am not saying spell things wrong and don’t use grammar properly, I am saying, check it, and let it go.

5. Business is, and always will be, a work in progress (WIP) thing and every week, you will be better than last week, as you grow, develop and evolve. Just be yourself, be honest, be good at what you do (and if you don’t know what you are good at, then get in touch and let’s sort that one out for good) and offer good value to people, and they will eventually come. Trust in yourself and your business, and just accept that business growth is a journey, not an end goal.