Success is an interesting word. We can’t touch success, it’s very hard to measure without KPI’s and it means something different to everyone, which is probably why it’s a word that’s used a lot. We use it so often to mean so many things, and yet in reality it’s not a ‘thing’ at all, it’s simply a feeling, or state of being. Recently though, it’s a word that’s been coming up a lot in conversations, because business owners are starting to look back at their 2019, and in particular, what they have achieved….or haven’t.

These conversations reminded me of someone I once worked with who didn’t think she was successful at all, and it was causing her great distress. She was having sleepless nights worrying about her company, her revenue, her staff and how she would get more business. Before we went on to tackle revenue, people and new business development we first carried out a reframing exercise, because that is all success is. It’s just a state of being, and as with all feelings, you can step into them whenever you choose to.

The thing is that she was already successful, she just couldn’t see it. She was making 7 figures, she had a team of people, she was working with some big names and she was working hard on her new business development, but all she could see was debt, demanding people and no time to do anything. Once she was able to see herself as successful, her entire demeanor changed and all it really took was a shift in her perspective, or energy, if you think like I do.

Then, as we talked through her other issues, she came up with solutions for everything. She had just been sitting in the wrong energy; in the energy of failure, which of course, just creates more of what you are thinking about. When I learnt that humans are 99.999…% energy, and as energy we all vibrate at a certain frequency, it not only completely revolutionized my business, but it will revolutionize yours too. If you focus on changing your frequency to one of success, then you are now vibrating at the level of success, which is far more high vibration than failure.

If frequency and energy doesn’t work for you, then look at it in a different way….changing your perspective or mindset changes your outlook and thus your actions and external circumstances. You are what you think. So if you feel successful, life will feel different to you, than if you don’t. Just try it now, Try feeling successful, how does it feel? Now, try feeling like a failure, how does it feel? One feels high energy, and the other feels low energy doesn’t it?

As in the case of my client, as soon as she realised that she was already successful, she gained new awareness and with that awareness came new understanding and new insight, which created new ideas and opportunities for her business. Opportunity is always there, it’s only that we are often too busy to see it.

She decided to tackle her cashflow issues by reducing her overheads (assess all your expenditure and ask yourself what you don’t need), she sorted out her employee issues by creating a stronger vision and introducing a weekly team motivational meeting and she improved her new business development by getting really clear on who she was targeting and why. And saying no to anyone that didn’t fit that mold, which saved her tons of time to focus on the real issue; growing her business in a more strategic and purposeful way.

Try not to look back at your 2019 as an unsuccessful year, there is always success in everything you do, and never compare yourself to others. We all have the choice to look back at our lives in two ways. The positive and the negative. I always used to look back at my life in a negative way until I taught myself to positive feel and now I look back at my life and see the positive in everything. Even losing my mum and being sacked 3 times in my career. The loss of my mum resulted in me writing my book (coming out next year) and being sacked 3 times forced me to finally set up my own business, something that I had always wanted to do but never had the courage.

By reframing how you view your past, you can change your future, because becoming a more positive person, has a knock-on effect on everything you do. We all know the effects of positive thinking and how it will change our lives for the better, but it appears (from the rising state of depression and anxiety) that most of us struggle with this, so try rewiring your brain to positive through positive feeling instead. You can read my blog here, which will teach you how I did it (and it really works).

So, grab a piece of paper and a pen and make a list of everything you achieved in 2019, and I bet you will surprise yourself.

If you want some help with reframing your business success, or planning your business in 2020 then book a call HERE.

Happy New Year!