When I was a teenager a friend of mine turned up late for class and was trying to give his explanation. He told the teacher than he didn’t know what had happened as he had got on the bus as usual that morning but arrived 2 hours later than normal. He probably fell asleep on the bus or something, but this story has always stayed in my mind, because he was so convinced by it. It’s made me consider the concept of time a lot over the years, especially now that I am a busy working mum!

Can we jump time? Can we manipulate time? Can we create more time? Well, at the end of the day time doesn’t actually exist, it’s a man-made concept, so maybe this is the key to it all!

When you start to realise that you are made of energy, and so is everything in the universe, it changes the way you approach yourself and time. If we are stressed and rushing around in our business, then we will continuously have the feeling of running out of time, stress and overwhelm. Feelings are more powerful than you know and being more aware of what we are feeling and why, will help us to be in the driving seat of our life more often. If you feel stressed, busy or overwhelmed, then this will determine your actions. When we understand that thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions and actions lead to behaviour – we can then start to see how powerful our feelings really are.

Research show that we only feel a feeling for around 90 seconds, so the second you become aware of it, is the second you need to start thinking why. They are telling us something important. The job of our feelings, and then emotions, is to give our body’s vital information, which we then translate into action.

See the emotion for what it is which is an alarm bell ringing telling your body to take action. If you are feeling rushed, too busy or out of time, consider your plan of action. Do you need to hire someone or outsource anything? Lacking funds? Then hire an intern or use a VA and pay by the hour. If you have more customers than you can handle then it’s often a sign that it’s time to put your prices up. You’ll end up with less customers, but usually more cash. Do you need to do some planning? 90 day planning changed my life and it will change yours too. Download your free copy HERE. As soon as you see all your activities plotted onto a planner, not only do you brain dump all the overwhelm but you also free up some more space in your mind so you can start tackling the real issues behind your lack of time.

Secondly, the more stressed and burnt out you feel in your business, the more you are depleting your electromagnetic energy field, which will affect your business success in more ways than you think. Your electromagnetic energy field is the key to achieving your goals and dreams in life, because it contains all your dreams and goals inside it. All energy contains information, data and frequency aka your thoughts, feelings and memories, and the ‘brighter’ your energy field is, the faster you will achieve your dreams. High energy feelings such as love, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion etc. replenish and contribute to the field and stress, negativity, apathy, fear and other low frequency emotions deplete it. Keeping your goals in your mind as often as you can, combined with sitting in high energy frequencies (and taking action) will take you to them faster. 

Thirdly, try and work in flow more often in your business. When you work in flow, time literally stands still, because you are so focused and love what you are doing that you zone out and achieve far more. Doing what you love is key, but doing what you love and what you truly have a talent for is magic, and when you hit the jackpot you will feel you have more time in your life. If you want some help finding out what you have a talent for and love, then why not book a clarity session with me HERE.

And lastly, focus and work on one thing at a time, often called chunking. We now know that multi-tasking doesn’t work, because each time you transfer your energy to something new, it disperses it. And focused energy is what you need. Incorporating little tricks such as only checking your emails at certain times of the day, or working in chunks of 1 or 2 hours, work amazingly well, and allow you to accomplish more, because where your energy goes is where you will end up.

And one final point; remember to take breaks. When you take a break and go for a walk or do some stretching and then come back to your work; your energy is replenished and recharged; allowing you to be far more productive and get more done.