I get lots of questions around what a Business Coach does and in particular, what an Energetic Business Coach does, so I thought I would write a blog to help shed more light on it. 

Firstly what a Business Coach isn’t…. 

A Business Coach is not a Marketing Coach – they may be both but they will say so if they are. A Business Coach is not a Facebook, Paid Ads or Social Media specialist. If they are they will say so. A Business Coach is not an expert in SEO, Digital Marketing, Copy Writing, Graphic Design or any other business related field. Unless they say so. 

What a Business Coach is…

A Business Coach is someone who helps you to start, pivot or grow your business – I love helping people pivot the most because it means we get to dive deep down into your soul, heart, genius self and purpose to get you aligned and thriving again – but it’s always best to find out exactly what they do because ‘business coach’ is a wide area and can cover a lot.

For example, I don’t provide accountability for my clients, but many other business coaches do. I want to empower them not ‘nag’ them and taking responsibility for their life and business is important. We have to be in the diving seat of our lives otherwise it won’t work. 

Of course, I am always there by their side and they know that. They have unlimited email access and my personal mobile, but I work with them to help them find their own answers because having worked with entrepreneurs for 9 years I know that this is essential. 

Obviously I use lots of tools and techniques to pull the right answers out of them and we discuss strategy, alignment, positioning, customers, pricing and more because a business coach should provide you with market knowledge and expertise to help you to align your business/programs/services/products to that market too.

In my experience, the heart and mind need to be in agreement with each other otherwise they will fight, and your energy will disperse. When you grow your business there are some key things that we need to have in place and this internal alignment is just as important as the external growth part. 

How does the Energetics come into it?

As an energetic coach (life and business) it’s all about your energy; tapping into the quantum energy field and harnessing your energy to transform your life and grow your business. It’s about understanding that you are energy and as such you need to treat yourself as energy not matter – you need to ebb and flow. It’s about vibration and frequency and how your words and thoughts create your reality. 

It’s not about being Miss Permi-smile or a Stepford Wife – negative emotions are alerting us to something we need to deal with – it’s about understanding that happy is our default setting and our heart is running the show. It’s the heart that magnifies the electromagnetic field around us that in turn will transform your life (let me show you how). It’s understanding that our beliefs are the single most important factor that we need to deal with in our life and because they are hidden away in our subconscious mind most of us don’t even know how they may be tripping us up.

So, if your business is feeling flat, unaligned with your heart or you’re fed up with it all then book a call HERE and let’s talk.