Possibly one of the most annoying things you can experience when you are running your own business is people copying your ideas, words and images. It used to really trigger me too, but then I discovered that those ideas that we all think we have don’t even come from us, they come from the collective consciousness around us – the energy field.

Neuroscientists now know that the brain doesn’t generate ideas, it receives it from the energy field around us. Consciousness. The ideas and inspiration are around us all the time and we just ‘tap’ into it and then bring into our own brains and do something with it (or not if you aren’t good at taking action).

There’s the famous story of 17 people who tried to patten a new invention on the same day – the same thing. They had all come up with the same idea and then brought it forward into reality. None of them knew each other, they literally had the same idea at the same time, because they (probably without even knowing it) downloaded this information, which clicked and combined with their own brain cells and knowledge, which then allowed them to see their path forward from this.

It may feel unfair, but when you consider we are all connected to each other at all times – because we are one huge energy wave – then it is easier to get your head round. Everytime we connect with someone else we ‘entangle’ with their energy field too, and thus more information. We are bombarded by information every second of every day.

So don’t worry, you can generate more ideas, more creativity and more content for your business whenever you want to. It’s as simple as quieting your mind, asking for ideas and then becoming aware of what pops into your head, or what you start writing/working on.

Let this annoyance and frustration go because it’s lowering your frequency which just ruins your own success in the long term and keeps you stuck in lower frequency thoughts. Raise your frequency instead and let it go. Forgive them, forgive yourself and let your mind tap into the energy field for more ideas. There are zillions in there, so keep ‘listening’ until you hear more.

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Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay