I was recently blown away by Vadim Zeland’s theory on Reality Transurfing and in particular his analogy of The Pendulum. He refers to pendulums as being energy drainers or givers and we can get sucked into them and find it hard to get out. As soon as one person puts their attention on a pendulum it then gains traction as more and more people put their attention on it too.

Social media is one as are war, religion and politics, but in different ways. We can get caught up in pendulums and stay stuck in them our whole lives, following everyone else in the pendulum and never stepping outside to see if it’s right for us. Do you enjoy your life? Are you satisfied with your career? Do you have enough money?

Money is not a pendulum per se it’s just an energy but we can get caught up with the feelings of not having enough and comparing ourselves to others and this is the pendulum. Getting out of the pendulum can be hard and as you try and escape chaos can result as the energy tries to suck you back in but you need to keep trying.

It’s not money that you should focus on but doing what you love because staying in energy that is high frequency for you keeps you gravitating towards positive pendulums and away from negative ones.

Don’t follow the crowd because that’s where the pendulums lie. When you follow others you give their pendulum energy and it sucks your energy away from you in order to feed itself. You are unique and individual and as such you need to find your own path. What lights you up? What do you really love doing? Are you doing it?!