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Elisabeth Hancock has been working in business for many years, with a strong foundation in transformation, change and organizational development and sales and marketing. After the birth of her first child 9 years ago, she switched from larger companies to entrepreneurs and now works with individuals and business owners all over the world helping them to realise their full potential, step into their authentic self and live a better life.

A few years ago after experiencing depression after her mother and MIL died within a year of each other, and having a baby and toddler to care for, she developed her own method to get herself back to positive again, with life changing results. 

Elisabeth is open to speaking with media companies and the press and can be contacted on or +971 5 287 30640

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Elisabeth Hancock talking to Caroline Le Bouchere about women in business, life, mindset and being a working mum. 

Four epsiodes from Caroline Le Bouchere’s Caroline ‘About Town’  YouTube mini series, filmed by Utopia 0 Miles 

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2. Creating your reality

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