Accelerate your Brand (Mini)


This package comes with a brand assessment and a questionnaire, to understand more about your brand and content. This then leads onto a two hour call where we discuss your brand, big vision, purpose, talents, passions and more to get your heart and soul aligned with your business. When our heart, soul, big vision and brand image line up we create a recipe for success, growth and fulfillment, which paves the way for accelerated growth. This session will leave you feeling energized, clear and focused on where you are going and why.

“Elisabeth helped me to triple my income by identifying my true target market and then putting a new sales strategy together to reach them” Laura, Graphic Designer


When we want to accelerate we often need to re-align, and a few tweaks here and there with your positioning can lead to quantum leaps of growth – it’s amazing how affective this technique can be. Using three decades of business expertise, a previous lecturer of business and having set up and run two of my own companies I get you re-aligned quickly, which leaves you feeling back on track, more fulfilled and purposeful.

This is a Mini session, commencing with a questionnaire and an online assessment to understand more about your brand and your big vision. During the session we will get your brand, content, copy and platforms lined up with you, your heart and your soul leaving you feeling a renewed sense of enthusiasm for your business and back in alignment with your big vision.

Mini session is for smaller businesses, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and those with a smaller online presence. It runs for around 2-4 hours and is dependent on size.

T&C’s apply.