Growing Your Business From The Inside Out

“To unlock the potential in your business, we first unlock the real potential in you”

Hi, I’m Elisabeth

Are you going round in circles on your business? Can you see the huge dreams that you want to achieve, but can’t quite see the HOW of how you are going to get there? Then why not talk it over with a business strategist with over 25 years of experience, and get it all down in writing.

I’m Elisabeth Hancock, and I’m a business consultant and coach helping women to grow and scale their business in a way that reduces the overwhelm and feels right for them. 

Taking action is the quickest way to get clarity but sometimes you just want to know what that next step is, and discuss it with someone who’s been there before; either in person with my own businesses, or as a mentor with the business owners I work with. 

Why not book a call below and let’s get you clear on your next steps. 


I recently hired Elisabeth to help me grow my business and was surprised how quickly things started to change. I have now secured new contracts, am looking at franchising and have more clarity about where I’m heading. I definitely recommend Elisabeth, she’s good at helping you to see what’s possible and helps you to focus on what’s important.

Work with Me

90 Day Planner

If you haven’t tried 90 day planning then you will love this new way to plan your time.
It not only allows you to get more done, but it reduces the overwhelm, enables you to achieve 3 big projects every 3 months, and gets you focused on what steps you need to take you there.
I use this method in my own business and with my clients, and the first thing I noticed in my own planning was how much free time I had left, whilst still achieving more!

What my clients have to say about me…

Elisabeth is simply amazing. She literally put a net over my whole business and pulled it into a nutshell so that I can now better understand where I’m heading. She gets it!

Elisabeth is good at asking the right question at the right time to force the unknown to be explored! I really enjoyed the session and the energy. 

Elisabeth knows exactly which questions to ask to help me better understand my business and how to grow it. Her enthusiasm and wealth of experience make it a pleasure to interact with her.

Elisabeth is truly passionate about helping small businesses grow. Her enthusiasm, knowledge of marketing, and ability to help you look at your business in a different way is gold 

Elisabeth’s knowledge and passion for business is contagious…she is able to piece your business together to help you run things more efficiently and effectively.

Elisabeth is a mind reader! She helped me to see what I was thinking, before I even had a chance to put it into words myself.